At many of the cellar doors and wine bars of the Warburton and Yarra Valley you will be able to experience a Wine Flight.

maddens rise wine flight

A Wine Flight, also sometimes referred to as a tasting flight, is a tasting of multiple wines, which allow the taster to get a more detailed understanding of the breadth or depth of particular wines. They are usually intended for those new to wine tasting, and other those that want to increase their understanding of a specific region, vintage, or varietal.

A flight can generally includes anywhere from three or four wines. Flights will often be based around a central theme, but may also just be a chance to try a number of different types of wine.

Detailed flights will often provide tasters with a pad of paper and a pen to take notes, and may or may not offer the wines to be tasted blind.

A wine flight may be rather general; for example, one may allow participants taste a number of Chardonnay’s from different blocks within the Warburton Yarra Valley to give a feel for the differences the subtleties of soil types can have on the grape.

Good flights will usually be accompanied by an educational component, helping the taster get the most out of their tasting experience. So look out for some goo​d tasting notes to compare you own thoughts with or take home.