The Waterwheel on the main street of Warburton is your destination for all things Warburton Valley. More than a Visitor Information Centre, The Waterwheel is home to the gorgeous Handmade shop, a hub for local wine, an Art Gallery and eco Indoor Forest. Art also elevates the surrounding parklands to visual experiences that nourish and inspire. Don't miss the Great Steps of Warburton, a community art project, the historical murals on the railway siding and totem poles. The historic Waterwheel is an icon of the town's ever-evolving story and a great place to stop by.

Handmade Unique Creations

For unique gifts, gorgeous handmade items or a special treat, Warburton Handmade is a delighful browse that has something for everyone

Historic Murals of Warburton

Historic Murals of Warburton depict scenes of yesterday. Each hand painted mural has been done on the siding of the original railway platform by a local artist.

Indoor Forest - Warburton

With Warburton Habitat Tree explore Melbourne’s catchment country, ancient forests, pristine waterways, walk amongst the tallest flowering plants in the world, collect mountain spring water, search for wildlife and visit our very unique “Indoor Forest’

McVeigh's Waterwheel

The Waterwheel is a central and iconic landmark of Warburton, where it now operates at the site of The Waterwheel Visitor Infomation Centre on the main street.

Silva Coffee

Silva Coffee is a family owned and operated coffee roastery located in a unique 'zen meets industrial' setting, in the Yarra Valley.

The Great Steps of Warburton

The Great Steps of Warburton is a community arts project on the main street of Warburton. This outsider art installations brings to life the unique beauty of the region, its flora and fauna and showcases the strength of community spirit in the township.

Totems of the Valley

Handcraft totem poles tower over the Waterwheel gardens depicting life past and present in the Warburton Valley.

TrailRider - All Terrain Wheelchair for free hire

The all-terrain wheelchair, or TrailRider, is available for loan by visitors and residents to the Warburton Valley. It is built to handle rugged terrain and a wide variety of tracks providing access to walking trails not suitable for a regular wheelchair.

Warburton Passport - Activity for Kids

Take a trip around Warburton and find the hidden treasures that make our town so special. Gather stamps on your Warburton Passport and redeem your reward at the Waterwheel Visitor Information Centre.

Waterwheel Art Gallery

The Waterwheel Gallery is located within the Visitor Information Centre at Warburton where exhibitions are displayed every 3 weeks.