Walk the Warburton Township Loop

EASY, 5km: With the walk being right in the middle of Warburton village, experiencing the Yarra couldn’t be easier. You can start at any of the four bridges that cross the river behind the township.

Walk the "Walk Into History" Trail

MODERATE, 51.2 km: This is a fascinating journey on foot along well-preserved timber industry tramways, past old bush mills and relics of yesteryear hidden amongst the forest, reminders of when gangs of foresters called this wilderness their office.

Walk Richards Tramline

MODERATE, 11.3 km: Richards Tramline is a pleasant walk of around 11km that passes through some pretty bushland that brings to mind the rich logging history of the area.

Walk Mt Donna Buang

MODERATE TO DIFFICULT, 9KM: Donna Buang boasts enough natural beauty in its own right to guarantee it is a bushwalking gem that can be done at a leisurely pace. However, shooting up 1170-vertical metres in 9km, the Track comes into its own as a hill training venue.

Walk La La Falls

EASY, 3.2KM: The track follows beside the gurgling Four Mile Creek, snaking its way under a thick, lush forest canopy over a vibrant understory of ferns, musk daisy bush, blanket-leaf and bootlace bush.

Walk High-Low Aqueduct and River Run

MODERATE, 8KM: From the idyllic river and the feeling of peace you get on the valley floor to the historic Aqueduct and its impressive fern walls between which you snatch wide vistas over the Upper Yarra Valley and plenty of native bushland, this is a great walk.


DIFFICULT, 12km: For walkers who want to tick off a summit, here’s a trek that will get the heart rate up, Mt Little Joe – the 469m mini-mountain that stands proudly to the south-west of town, between Warburton and Millgrove.

Paddle The Yarra River

At only 75km from Melbourne, the Yarra at Warburton represents the closest Grade 2-3 paddling to Melbourne. While being dependent on rainfall and snow melt for river levels to reach the 1.5-2m sweet spot, paddling can be undertaken any time of the year.

Ride The Shop

The Shop Ride is a social ride first plotted by Doug from Cog Bike Café. It takes riders on an 18.5km loop around Warburton and it offers a little something for everyone, whether you are pushing for fast splits and high cadence or out for a few hours of moderate activity with enough vertical gain to raise your pulse.