Run Warburton all around town


Trail Warburton Township Loop
Activity Run
Type Loop
Grade (if available) Easy - Moderate TrailScore Technical Green 11/45 (short) or Blue 18/45 TrailScore general Green 2/10 (short) or Blue 4/10
Start Warburton Main Street
Finish Warburton Main Street
Distance 5km (short) / 16km (long)
Ascent 70 m
Descent 70 m
Max Elevation 187 m
Features Warburton Village, historic swing bridge, Yarra River
Facilities Toilets: Warburton township
Car parking: Warburton township
Notes Can be done any time of the year

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The Warburton River Walk offers a gentle 5km loop running route that has the mighty Yarra River at its centre, guaranteeing ever-changing watercourse views.

Easily accessible from multiple points around town, it’s a jump-on, jump-off short course option that never more than undulates along the riverbank, making it a very cruisey trot. If you want to stretch your legs a bit more this run can easily be turned into a substantially longer 16km circuit, see instructions under the Alternative heading below.

The Yarra River is the lifeblood of Melbourne and it is no more beautiful than in its upper reaches here in the Warburton Valley where the water runs clear before it crosses the clay flats farther downstream. Depending on the time of the year, the river can boast a series of swift rapids or just be bubbling along gently – either way it’s always idyllic. The trail also gives a good snapshot of the township as you trundle upstream and then downstream along the river bank essentially from one end of town to the other and back again.

You can start at any of the four bridges that cross the river behind the township but your best bet is to opt for the iconic Swing Bridge, one of the few examples of this type of bridge in Victoria.

Once on the northern bank the trail follows the contours of the river as it snakes along the valley floor in the shadow of Mt Donna Buang – a spectacular site and one of the few mountains in Australia that stands right above a town. Information boards dotting the walk provide deeper insight into the river and surrounds and there are seats, BBQs and picnic spots along the banks that encourage a slow pace. Crossing to the southern bank brings you back to where you began.

No matter if you had your arms swinging in a fast run or gently turned your legs over along the picturesque river stopping frequently, there is no better way to finish than taking advantage of coffee and cake.


  1. You can begin the Riverside Walk running route from anywhere in Warburton, but our recommendation is to drop down the alley opposite the police station. Turn left at the river to head west towards Story Reserve.
  2. This will get you to the iconic and very photogenic Swing Bridge. Cross it, enjoying the unique feeling of bouncing as you run.
  3. Once across the bridge turn right and pick up the trail heading east that skirts the bank of the river.
  4. Take your time to enjoy the trail as it undulates with the land, dashing around proud trees and passing convoys of ducks.
  5. Follow this trail for 2.2km then cross the river over a footbridge.
  6. Turn left and follow the river’s sweeping bend. Shortly thereafter the trail meets the Warburton Hwy, turn around here.
  7. Follow your track back, only this time, stay on the southern bank of the river as you run downstream. Pass behind the sports complex and continue on the trail until you get back to where you started.

ALTERNATIVE: For a longer option, follow the Run It guide until you get to Warburton Hwy but instead of doubling back, turn left onto the bridge to cross the river again and sweep around onto the underpass that crosses below the Highway and pick up the trail on the other side. Follow this behind the caravan park and in and out of bushland beside the river for 2km before exiting to the left. Cross Woods Point Rd with care and turn right onto the footpath. Follow this path for 1.3km until you cross a bridge over the Yarra and arrive at the intersection with Riverside Dr. Turn right onto Riverside Dr and follow that for 3.3km until it becomes Kellys Rd. 850m later cross the Warburton Hwy with care and re-join the Run It guide at Point 7.





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