The Rail Trail Ride is a must do, and well worth a day of your time. There are plenty of stops to enjoy along the way so take your time and enjoy the view and some great food. 


1. Leaving from Lilydale (rear of train station), be sure you’re prepared with:

Water, high energy snack, wet weather gear, puncture repair kit, mobile phone, and ‘The Warby Trail Map’ (Download from this website or pick up  at a Tourist Information Centre or Yarra Valley Cycles in Lilydale).

2. Morning tea at Seville is a 15 km (approx.) ride and if you haven’t bought your own refreshments, drop in to the Railway Carriage Café – it’s right on the trail and there’s plenty of room to park your bikes. Enjoy a hot drink and snack on the deck, or in one of the restored railway carriages.

3. Another 15 km (approx.) ride will take you through lush pastures and past vineyards, with the mountains in the distance.   A delicious lunch can be enjoyed at the Home Hotel in Launching Place, which is again right on the trail and has plenty of facilities for bike riders and young families too. Enjoy a fine local wine, or relax in the lounge while you rest and recharge.

4. The shortest leg of the journey with an easy 10 km glide on a flat gradient all the way to Warburton. Enjoy an ice-cream in Yarra Junction or at the Millgrove shops (you may enjoy browsing in the shops) and criss-cross the Yarra over heritage bridges. The mountains will beckon as you get closer to your Warburton destination!

5. Arrive in Warburton and celebrate your achievement at Cog Bike Café where you will be warmly welcomed. (Great also for service and repairs that might have come up along the way). 

Ride time is 4 hours (person of good fitness) but with stops you can fill the entire day.

You can catch the local Martyrs bus back to Lilydale (with your bike), arrange  a pickup (friends or one of the organised services operating in the Valley) or stay the night in one of the many accommodation options in Warburton  and return the next day. 

There’s so much to explore and this is where it all begins…