Warburton & Yarra Junction Community Bank branches

The Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® branches focus is to resource, encourage and promote opportunities essential to sustaining a vibrant community through banking and beyond.  ATMs are accessible 24/7 at both our Warburton and Yarra Junction branches.

Upper Yarra Community Enterprise Ltd (UYCE) operates the franchises of the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank branches of Bendigo Bank. UYCE is a community-owned public company whose core purpose is to enhance the prospects of the Upper Yarra Community.

Since February 2000, UYCE has provided more than $3.7 million to community-based projects and organisations via its Sponsorships and Donations programs. The Company is overseen by a Board of Volunteer Directors who are all members of our local community. We support local life.

Supporting your Community Bank®

The Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank® branches are operated by the community and for the community under franchise by the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise (UYCE).

The core purpose of our Community Bank® is the advancement of the Upper Yarra community. This is achieved through the allocation of sponsorship funding that is generated via a profit-for-purpose business model. The Community Bank® prospers because of the support of local people doing their everyday banking at the Warburton or Yarra Junction branches. Staying local is essential to our local economy.

More than $3.7 million has been invested in worthy local community-based projects and organisations since our Community Bank® was established in February 2000.

Supporting your community through Sponsorships and Donations

Your Community Bank®, in conjunction with UYCE, distributes funds to community projects through Sponsorships and Donations. Every year, important investments are made in areas as diverse as sports and recreation, education, arts and culture and civic organisations that support the successful operation and growth of essential community initiatives.

Applications for Sponsorships and Donations are accepted four times a year closing on: August 11, November 14, February 9 and May 11. We respond within six weeks of submission.

Sponsorship is the purchase of an association with an event, activity or organisation. Applications are accepted based on their ability to increase Community Bank® awareness and patronage, and communicate key messages regarding community development.

Find helpful information and application forms on our website www.upperyarra.net.au.

For friendly assistance with your sponsorship proposal, please call in to one of our Community Bank® branches or phone 5966 9028.

You can support the continued prosperity of your community everyday by simply doing your banking at your Community Bank® in Warburton or Yarra Junction.

 Statement of Purpose

Vision: To be integral in building community capacity for a vibrant, resilient and sustainable Upper Yarra region.

Mission: To resource, encourage and promote opportunities essential to sustaining a vibrant community through banking and beyond.

Contact Details


03 5966 9028


3399 Warburton Highway
Warburton VIC 3799