Upper Yarra WIldlife Rescue Network

The Upper Yarra Wildlife Rescue Network is a volunteer run organisation that rescues sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in the Upper Yarra region.  In case a rescue is needed our contact number is 0427 088 121.


-Remember your own safety always comes first

-If the injured animal is beside the road, pull over only when safe to do so and put your hazard lights on

-Approach the animal carefully and cover it with a towel or blanket to calm it

-If the animal is small, place it in a pillowcase or on a towel in a well-ventilated box and cover securely

-Keep handling and disturbance to a minimum to reduce stress

-Place the box in a warm, dark and quiet area

-Do not feed or force the animal to drink

-Take the animal to a vet or licensed wildlife carer as soon as possible

-If it is a large animal, or you are unsure, immediately call the Upper Yarra Wildlife Rescue Network for a trained wildlife rescuer to attend

-If unable to contact the UYWRN, call Wildlife Victoria on 1300 094 535 or Help for Wildlife on 0417 380 687

-Try to stay with an injured animal until a rescuer arrives, keep a safe distance to reduce the animal's stress

-If you cannot stay with the animal, note distinct landmarks and mark the location with something obvious for the rescuer to see, such as a plastic bag tied to a tree or fence

-If the animal is dead, check the pouch and for live young (may be close by). Never pull a joey from a teat. Wait for a wildlife rescuer to arrive or if none available seek advice on what to do from the wildlife resuce service – they can talk you through procedures on the phone. The teat may need to be cut with the joey still attached.

-Keep a rescue kit in your car containing a towel, pillowcase, blanket and scissors. Disposable gloves and antiseptic hand wash is also useful.

We also accept donations to go towards running costs, medications and much needed equipment.

Every Saturday at 9am we are situated at the Warburton Bakery so feel free to come and join us for a coffee and ask any questions that you would like too.

Contact Details


Warburton Highway
Warburton VIC 3799