Ride difficulty: 1-2* 

Bicycles: mountain bikes, hybrids, cyclo-X, childrens


•The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail provides 40 kilometres of easy family riding for all levels of ability and fitness. Easy riding, separation from traffic and some stunning scenery provide you with a wonderful relaxing recreational experience. There are also plenty of opportunities  for refreshment stops. The Rail Trails Australia website provides an excellent overview of this iconic Trail (www.railtrails.com.au – and follow the prompts to find trail information)

•Take your pick of start and turn-around points. The old station sites of Seville, Killara and Wesburn are on secondary roads separated from the main highway. All other entry points are adjacent to major roads, have adequate parking and retail outlets close by.

•You can also call on the services of Pedal Pickups to get you back to your start point if you don’t want to make it an out-and-back ride (www.pedalpickups.com.au  call Jenny Clarke on  0413 263 558).

•Another option is to take your bicycles on the suburban train to Lilydale, ride out and back, and home again on the train. This is possible on weekends and outside of commuting times on weekdays

•Bike rentals are available at Yarra Valley Cycles, Lilydale (http://www.yarravalleycycles.com/  Ph: 03 9735 1483 ) or the COG Bike Cafe, Warburton  (http://cogbikecafe.com.au/bike-hire/  Ph: 03 5966 2213 Thursday - Sunday).

-Always research your ride so that you are sure the ride suits your skills.


Trail-side cafes:

•Morrison’s Cafe, Mt Evelyn Station site, Mt. Evelyn

•Penny Olive Bakery, Mt Evelyn - at the Warburton Trail crossing of the Monbulk Rd

•The Carriage Cafe, a few hundred meters west of the Seville station site

•Home Hotel, Launching Place

•Amanda’s Cafe, Ranges Café, Yarra Junction township

•Millgrove Bakery and Millgrove General Store, Millgrove village

•COG Bike Cafe, at the Warburton Station site, adjacent to the Warburton township

A little further off-trail you will find a range of cafes, restaurants and hotels in the various towns and villages along the way. 

For bike hire, sales and repair:

•Yarra Valley Cycles, 108 MAIN Rd Lilydale

•COG Bike Cafe, Trail-side, Warburton Station site (Thursday-Sunday)

For tourist information and details of local rides: 

•Waterwheel Visitor Information Centre, 3400 Warburton highway, Warburton – call 03 5966 9600


*Ride difficulty: 

We have indicated a level of difficulty for each ride based upon the following ratings

1. Basic cycling fitness required. Could ride flat or gently undulating surface for  1 – 2 hours

2. Moderate fitness required. Could ride some hills and a duration of over 2 hours

3. More advanced fitness level required. Could ride long distances and climb hills over extended periods

4. High levels of fitness required. Competition-level fitness, can maintain constant high-level output, well developed muscular and cardiovascular ability