The Wellspring - Warburton

The Wellspring - Warburton is a not for profit community wellness centre for Warburton, in the old CFA building in the centre of town...

Community Wellness Collective creating and maintaining spaces for practice of health and wellbeing therapies, mindfulness, yoga and more. A gathering space for cultivating growth, wellness and positive community

Their vision statement is about inspiring and thriving spaces supporting optimal health, happiness and wellbeing for all.
The Wellspring provides beautiful affordable spaces to support a variety of wellness service providers to practice in Warburton, thereby making services more accessible to community. We offer one on one therapy sessions in a range of modalities, and group wellness classes in the studio during school terms. Managed by a board of committed and like-minded individuals, we share the passion of providing a safe space for our community to be well.


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3424 Warburton Highway
Warburton VIC 3799