Snow season has begun and Mount Donna Buang is ready for snow seekers to grab their toboggans and head up the mountain.

Situated east of Melbourne near the town of Warburton, Mount Donna Buang is just under a 2-hour drive from the CBD, making it one of the closest mountains for Melburnians to enjoy the snow. 

Mount Donna Buang is spectacular at any time of the year but as the snow begins to fall it transforms into a wonderful winter playground that draws people from all over Melbourne.

There are 3 different toboggan runs, a designated snow play area, barbeques, car parking, toilets and a scenic drive up to the summit. 

Visitors are encouraged to make a stop at the township of Warburton to pick up any last-minute items if needed before driving up to the summit. Locally owned cafes, restaurants and even a lolly shop can be found here which means there is something for everyone in your next trip to Mount Donna Buang.

There are car parks located roughly 300 metres down from the summit picnic area which are used during the snow season.  Visitors using wheelchairs and heavy strollers are not recommended to use the lower car parks below the summit due to the snow cover on the road that leads up to the summit picnic area. Access to the top carparks may be restricted at times due to weather conditions and high visitor numbers.

Before you go – it’s vital to make sure you are fully prepared. Consider things like: 

  • Check local road closures, traffic updates and weather conditions regularly, remembering changes can occur quickly on the mountain
  • Roads can be very slippery – having snow chains for your car tyres is highly recommended and drivers need to understand when and how to use them. Putting snow chains on should be practiced before driving in snow area
  •  Drive according to the road conditions and obey directions of staff working on the mountain
  • Travel in a car that is suitable. Small cars such as hatchbacks are generally not suitable and can often get into trouble on the slippery roads   
  •  It’s cold! – dress in appropriate snow clothes, especially young children.
  • The area is a national park – please take all rubbish with you and dogs are not permitted
  • Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water
  • If conditions change and making it to the snow is no longer appropriate, consider visiting one of the many other natural attractions nearby

 For more information about Mount Donna Buang, call Parks Victoria on 13 1963 or