Happy Easter everyone. The weather is all set for low 20s and Warburton is basking in beautiful sunshine that is turning so many of our trees gold and red. It’s a stunning time to visit!

Here's some suggestions for while you are here:

  1. Have fun on an Easter Egg Hunt – Blue Lotus Water Garden and Oscar’s on the Yarra are both offering special events.
  2. Hear some live music and enjoy the family fun day at Warburton’s Day At the Park festival.
  3. Check out the amazing historical murals at the Waterwheel – you can scan QR codes and learn about our rich history.
  4. Bottle some delightful autumn fruits at Rayners Orchard (word is the mini-Pumpkin hunt is loads of fun too!)
  5. Fill your water bottles with some pure fresh Mt Donna mountain spring water. Pop up the road to the summit and pull over at the Ten Mile Car Park. There you will find a special tap with the freshest, most mineral-rich water you've ever tasted - and it's free - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fill 'em up!
  6. Explore the O’Shannassy Aqueduct walk (or ride) from Warburton towards the east – you will find our enchanted Redwood Forest at the Cement Creek Rd exit!
  7. Go platypus watching – did you know Warburton is Plastic Bag Free and we’re actively preserving our local platypus population for the future. There are several sites along the Yarra River that will reward the patient with a rare glimpse of these extra special residents. Ask a local where!
  8. Have a picnic on the banks of the Yarra River in Warburton or head upstream to the Upper Yarra dam.
  9. Hire a bike at Cog Bike Café and cruise on up the Warburton to Lilydale Rail trail. Not sure how far you’ll get? There are plenty of car services who will come and pick up and return you to home or consider one of Cog’s new E bikes. They’re tops.
  10. Try some local produce – hunt through our gorgeous shops to find our locally roasted Silva Coffee, Warburton’s own candy emporium, artisan chocolates, homemade relishes and saffron infused syrups. A must stop is the Handmade Unique Creations shop in the Waterwheel with lots of local handcrafts and delectable delicacies right from the heart of town.

Post your happy pics with hashtag  #visitwarburton and show us your best experience this Easter!