Summer means swimming in the Yarra River and there are plenty of spots in the Warburton Valley to cool down, chill out and relax along our beautiful river banks. The Yarra River at the Warburton end (or Warby if you want to speak like a local!) is pristine – so clean the platypus choose to live there (and that is saying something because platypus are clean freaks!).

Start your river swim at our wonderful new rock steps at the back of the Warburton shops (access via Thomas Ave). There’s plenty of parking and a range of shops for all your drinks, ice cream, fish n chips, pizza, reading and other needs. (Swim rings, lilos and river shoes, if desired, are also available to buy on the main street.)

A river swim is super refreshing and you can linger longer in the shade of a mighty tree or mountain. You can find easy shallows, a rock to sit on or take a lilo or swim tube down stream. On a hot day there are plenty of people enjoying a cool day out and new friends to be made.

Of course, be aware and play safe – rivers change (rocks move, trees fall, rain changes the flow) so choose a spot where others are already playing and when in doubt ask a local.

Enjoy our Yarra River and respect the beauty (and the wildlife) by taking care of your rubbish in the bins provided (or take it with you).

Happy river swimming. Fun for all ages! And what a great way to cool down after a big walk, run or cycle.


Photo credit: Linda Oy Ho