Woori Yallock, Launching Place and Don Valley

Woori Yallock is located in the centre of the Yarra Valley about 18 km east of Lilydale and the same distance west of Warburton.  Healesville is a similar distance to the north. The confluence of the Yarra River and one of its major tributaries, Woori Yallock Creek, is about halfway between ‘Woori’ and Healesville. 

The Warburton Highway and Healesville Kooweerup Road, a major link between West Gippsland and the Hume Freeway and North East Victoria, intersect in the middle of the town. 

A hundred years ago most visitors arrived here via the newly opened railway. Many would have spent some time fishing. In those days, cod up to 30 lb. could be caught; blackfish and eels were plentiful. Today the cod are long gone but blackfish can still be caught – particularly in the smaller streams – and eels are still plentiful.

The railway service ceased in 1964: the rails were removed and the line was closed to the public for more than 30 years. Since then the railway easement has been converted to a walking and cycling track and visitors are again arriving in Woori via the railway! 

For many years Woori was a small farming community. Construction of the Upper Yarra Dam after World War II provided many Valley residents with employment, and development and subdivisions have turned Woori Yallock into an outer suburb, many locals now travelling to Melbourne each day to work. Fortunately, large areas around Woori Yallock are zoned ‘agricultural’, and high quality produce is available at numerous cellar doors and gourmet food outlets.

Launching Place was settled in the 1840s and was so named because flat bottomed timber punts were launched here on the Little Yarra to transport goods upstream.

The area lies along the fertile flood plains of the Little Yarra and Yarra Rivers and was originally settled as a rich farming area before gold was discovered at Hoddles Creek.

The Yarra and Little Yarra provide great fishing for trout and blackfish and are bordered by the Warburton Trail, a popular track for cycling and walking.

The rich rural area reaches up into Don Valley, which provides wonderful scenery, being surrounded by mountainous scrubby country and heavy timber.

Launching Place, Hoddles Creek  and Don Valley are sprinkled  with residential blocks but are principally farming areas with  dairy, beef, orchards and market gardens.

Bed and breakfasts are increasing in popularity in this area as well.