Warburton Habitat Tree - Environment Education and Eco Tours

Discovery Centre tours (Indoor Forest), Private Tours, Coach tours, Hikes, Corporate Groups, School Program

What do we do?

Warburton Habitat Tree offer unique Eco Tour's that are guided by passionate and experienced environmental educators . Our guides can take you on an exploration into pristine and historical locations within the Yarra Ranges National Park and the Yarra State Forest. Our enthusiasm for Victoria's native forests, wildlife and aquatic  ecosystems will delight  & inspire. We offer a  range of tours to cater to different interests, fitness levels and tastes . You can choose to visit our Environment Discovery Centre, grab a guide for a half or full day Tour, or be chauffeured in style on a Private Tour. We also offer picnic lunches, a hot roast or an Aussie BBQ 

Where are we?

Warburton Habitat Tree is located in the iconic Waterwheel Building in the historical township of Warburton, surrounded by a variety of unique ecosystems , conservation significant natural environments and heritage listed sites. 

Environment Discovery centre (indoor forest)

This short interactive Tour will delight all ages and is a must for those visiting Warburton. Meet the Environment Educators, have a chat, listen to some stories and learn about the local forests and their inhabitants! Step into the Indoor Forest where you will find a life-like display of native taxidermy bird, reptile and mammal species under the forest canopy . Learn about the loca l wildlife and their habitats, threats, distribution, behaviours and development. Endangered species are very relevant with the Victorian bird and animal Emblems both Endangered and struggling in this region. Explore the Nocturnal Niche by torchlight to see what you can find in our forests at night. And lastly, be careful of the bats and spiders as you exit via the Abandoned Mine Shaft !

Cost: $3.50 per child / pension card holder | $5.00 per adult Duration: 50 minutes

Private Eco Tours

Allow Warburton Habitat Tree to chauffer you to beautiful locations within the Upper Yarra Valley. Sit back in comfort, enjoy and be inspired. Number of persons: 2- 6 with transport in a Toyota Prado. Local accommodation pick-up and return. Part day x 2 min $220.00 - $320.00 + | Full day 6.5 hours x 2 min $440.00 +

Bus/Coach Tours

If you are looking for a day trip not far from Melbourne then Warburton Habitat Tree has just the tour for you! We can tailor a tour to suit your needs, tastes and fitness levels. Tour choices include visits to pristine mountain tributaries, waterfalls , walks along the Yarra, ancient Cool Temperate  Rainforest, Mountain Ash Forest, Sub-Alpine  Forest, Melbourne's water catchment,  a  local museum, a visit to our 'Environment Discovery Centre' and more! Enjoy short walks, a challenging hike, picnic lunch, cafe dining or a hot roast!


Our Hikes explore pristine environments offering  a challenging & intimate experience with Mountain Ash, Cool Temperate, Wet and Dry Sclerophyll forests, mountain tributaries, water catchment and more. Enjoy the smells of the trees, the sounds of the lyreirds, the history and the signs of wildlife that will be all around you! With scats and tracks galore, these Central Highland hikes are rich in biodiversity and are guaranteed to  'earth the soul'.

Corporate Group Package 'Office to O'Shan'

Enjoy luxury Yarra Valley Winery accommodation catering to all your business and culinary needs, followed by a guided tour which will take your team on a unique full day hiking experience into  pristine old growth  forest  of the Central Highlands of Victoria !

Tour Diversity (on request and bookings essential)

-Environment Discovery Centre
-The Yarra River
-La La Falls
-Rainforest Gallery
-Mt Donna Buang 
-O'Shannassy Aqueduct  Trail
-Upper Yarra Reservoir
-Big Peninsula Tunnel
-The Ada Tree
-Federal Mill
-7 Acre Rock