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Eco Tours

We deliver fun, engaging and interactive Private or Group Eco Tours, introducing couples, families and groups to historical Warburton and the beautiful Yarra Ranges. We can tailor a tour to suit your needs, tastes and fitness levels. We can take you there, meet you there or you can ‘grab a guide’. Explore Melbourne’s catchment country, visit ancient forests, heritage listed sites, walk amongst the tallest flowering plants in the world, collect mountain spring water, explore pristine waterways, search for wildlife and visit our very unique ‘Indoor Forest’. There is so much to explore! 

Available 7 days a week by appointment please phone Kim on 0409 493 721

Indoor Forest

Tours every Saturday & Sunday 11am – ‘Wildlife of the Yarra Ranges’ by appointment.

The Indoor Forest is a ‘wildlife experience’, a little bit weird and a whole lot of wonderful. Be prepared for a visual explosion of art and wildlife for this fun, interactive, hands-on exploration of our indoor day and night forests. Meet the species that live in and around the forests and fresh water ecosystems of Warburton and the surrounding ranges. Under the forest canopy we have native taxidermy birds, reptiles, mammals and monotreme species. Get up close and personal with snakes, Rakali the water rat, feel the fur of the platypus, the needle sharp quills of an echidna, get brave in the abandoned mine shaft, go spotlighting and so much more … For big kids too, the Indoor Forest is an amazing resource to have connecting people to nature, wildlife and conservation.

Environment Education 

At the foothills of the Great Dividing Range our forest, water and wildlife programs take students and groups on an educational journey of exploration into the forest and aquatic ecosystems of the Yarra Ranges. We connect the Bush to the Bay so that students may gain a greater ecological understanding of the place they call home, its history and the connections between plants, animals and humans. Knowledge inspires curiosity, respect, connection and a sense of responsibility leading to healthy and informed decisions. We are all connected!

 Lots to see, lots to learn, lots of fun!

Alternative times and tours available 7 days a week please phone Kim to book on 0409 493 721. 

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