Warburton Circuit Walk

Wander through the leafy, peaceful back streets of beautiful Warburton and into the bush where the town meets the towering gum trees.

How to get there

Warburton is approximately  35 km along the Warburton  Highway  east  of  Lilydale. In the middle  of town,  turn  right  up a  steep  hill towards  the  Police Station.  Take  the  first  driveway  on  the  left  and park  in the  public  carpark  next to  the  Police  Station. The Tourist  Information Centre  is in the Waterwheel building.


There  are  public toilets  in the middle of town  in a small  park on the  left hand side  beyond the playground  down  towards  the  river.  The  town  has  a number of Cafes. There is an ATM at the Warburotn COmmuithy Bank. (Bendigo Bank)

Things to see and do

The Warburton  Circuit  provides  you  with  the  opportunity   to  walk   through   the  quiet  leafy  back streets  of  the  Warburton  township ,  get  elevated views of the town and into the bush without  having to wander too far from town.

Pass via "Boinga  Bob's" eclectic  house which is a cross between a Tibetan monastery and a Balinese Hotel.

The walk  above Old Warburton  Rd provides spectacular  vistas  of the green valley  through  the towering Mountain Grey gums.

At  the  bottom  of  the  walk  there  is  a  picturesque waterfall  in  Dolly  Grey  park. You  can  sit  and  eat your  lunch  or  just  stop  for  a  break  on  your  way back to the start.

The walk takes approximately two (2) hours for the return  trip  and  is  graded  at  easy-medium .  The medium sections  are  the  uphill  sections  into  and out of the State forest above Warburton .

Walk information

Grade:Medium Distance:  Approximately  10 km (2 hours)

Track  Notes

Follow the  broken  line on the  map on the  rear  of these  track  notes.  From  the  carpark  ("P")  follow the  old  rail way  line  behind  and  past  the  Waterwheel   building   until  you  reach  a  walking  track heading  diagonally   up  the  hill  under  and  past "Boinga  Bob's"  house.  Follow this until you  reach Highfield Rd.

Follow  the  broken  line  along  these  quiet  narrow roads. On your right in Highfield Rd you will one of a  number  of  Warburton   homes  modelled  on  a Swiss chalet.

From the corner  of  Unity  Crt  and  Clarke Ave  you follow  an  unmade  track  on  your  right  under  the powerlines and up the hill . Towards the top of this rise the track turns left and back to Old Warburton Rd.

Follow this until you reach a well used track  heading in to the bush on your  left on a left turn in the road.  This  track  can  be  used  by  trail  bike  riders and mountain bike riders so  keep an eye, and an ear  out. This section of the track  crosses  Scotchman's  creek .  At  different  times  of  year,  you  will come  across  a  range  of  indigenous  wildflowers. 

Follow the track  until you come to an  intersection where  you  turn  to  the  right  down  the  hill. Watch out for  mountain  bike  riders  here. They  have  set up  jumps  along  this  section  of  the  track .  Follow this down to Old Warburton  Rd. Turn left here and you  will  see  a fire  track  on  the  other  side  with  a gate.  Immediately  to  the  right  of  the  gate  is  the Backstairs Track walking track.

Follow this  down  until you  reach  a  small waterfall on  Scotchmen's  Creek  in  Dolly  Grey  park.  This small  park  is a lovely spot to  stop for  a  rest. The reference to Dolly Grey is not a lady named dolly it refers to "small wheels for moving loads too heavy to be carried by hand".

Following the track   you will come back to the old railway bridge over the bottom of Station Rd. Head briefly right  along  Station  Rd  up  the  hill  before diverging to your left back onto the old railway line. The old railway  line  passes  through  a  series  of cuttings,  including  behind  the  rear  of  the  Alpine Hotel.  Follow the railway  line  back  to the  carpark where you started from .

We  hope  you  enjoyed  your  walk . Warburton  has much to offer. 

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Map courtesy of Jed Mahoney

With the compliments of the Warburton Community Bank & Yarra Junction Community Bank branches, and the Warburton Waterwheel Visitor Information Centre

3400 Warburton Highway, Warburton 3799