The Reefton Hotel

Fifteen kilometres past Warburton is the famous Reefton Hotel at McMahons Creek. This historic hotel is a perfect place to stop and quench your thirst on your drive through the beautiful Upper Yarra.

Peter and his staff are extremely welcoming and offer lunches and dinners 7 days a week. The hotel can also cater for parties and weddings. Live music from local bands is also part of the atmosphere.

The historic building is 134 years old and is believed to be the only original goldfields building remaining in the region with most of the original structure intact.

According to the website: “The Reefton Hotel was first licensed in 1886 to Joseph Bowden and was originally located in Reefton. The story goes “As the gold petered out in the Upper Yarra, Bowden decided to move the pub to east Warburton, where there were sawmills and plenty of thirsty saw millers to go with them. He packed the pub on to a bullock dray, but when he got to McMahon’s Creek, he couldn’t fit it across the river so he said, ‘Bugger it, this will do’, and dumped it.” There is no documented proof of this and no reference to this story can be found before the 1980s. A number of long time residents claim that when the original building was burnt in a fire Joseph Bowden salvaged what he could and reopened in the existing building adjacent to the McMahons Creek Bridge.” (source: