The township of Seville (population 2000) is nestled on the Highway between rolling hills.

Seville was first settled in 1886 by the Payne, Olerenshaw and Downham families, and was originally named Redlands before being rechristened in honour of the daughter of State Treasury officer and settler, William Henry Smith.

Most pioneers were of English stock and many were granted licences to take up land in the area. Successive generations of clearing and cultivation have seen Seville become the heart of a prime agricultural district, surrounded by magnificent vistas of farmland, vineyards and natural bush.

The railway line from Lilydale to Warburton was opened in 1901 and trains finally ceased to travel the line in 1964. The track’s easement – which wanders through beautiful bush and farming land – was sadly neglected for some years, but has now been converted to a splendid facility for walking, cycling and horse riding. This trail is maintained by a group of local volunteers and is well used both by community members and visitors. A walk or ride along the trail is a good way to introduce yourself to the beauty of Seville.

From a small close-knit community of farmers and orchardists who worked land wrested from the surrounding bush, Seville today has expanded to a flourishing township. The bush track which served the needs of a much slower lifestyle has become the busy Warburton Highway and the little farmhouses have been replaced with suburban homes, sprawling homesteads built by hobby farmers seeking refuge from the frenetic pace of city life, and the architect-designed pavilions of prosperous vineyards. However the township of Seville still retains a strong rural flavour and one may still see tractors driving down the main street and horses and riders crossing the Highway at the pedestrian lights.

The community spirit which saw the early settlers of Seville unite to build their own facilities and improve their town is still strong in the townsfolk of Seville today. Volunteers spend many hours working for their sporting groups, school and preschool, church and fire brigade. Many of the pioneer families are still represented by families in the town today and the old names appear and reappear in community groups and organisations.

The Warburton and Yarra Valley is a thriving tourist destination. Today Seville boasts a number of top-class wineries where visitors can enjoy local wine, excellent cuisine and the spectacular surroundings which make the Yarra Valley one of the most beautiful areas of Australia.