RE-energise Massage and Holistic Counselling

Re-Energise with Sharyn Monteith

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage 

A lifetime of being a massage therapist and energetic healer mean that I can offer my clients a nurturing, soothing, and deeply relaxing massage. I specialise in the use of essential oils and crystals to enhance the healing experience, leaving body, mind and spirit with a lasting feeling of peace and relaxation.

1 hour Full Body Relaxation Massage      $75

1.5 Hours Full Body Relaxation Massage    $120

1.5 Hours Full Body Massage with Foot Spa    $130

1.5 Hours Full Body Massage with Foot spa and Back Exfoliation      $140

1.5 Hours Full Body Massage with Back Exfoliation and Luxury Facial  $140

Mobile massage service available or from my premises.


Spiritual Counselling 

Let us help you bring about deep healing in your life. With a compassionate, skilful therapist whose aim it is to give you the tools to heal deep woundings, while challenging you to be in charge of the counselling process. The ‘Sophia’ model is an anthroposophical model of counselling which is based on the four-fold model of the body, incorporating the concepts of body, mind and spirit as an integrated whole.
It draws on the resources of colour, movement and sound, the wisdom of eastern philosophies and the strength of archetypal figures in gently guiding you. You will be guided to understand and heal the vibrational blocks that underly challenging issues in your personal life and your life with others. Free yourself of that which gets int the way of you being the best you can be.
Sessions at my premises.