Ranger Dan's Eco Adventures

After Studying the Australian Bushlands, Ranger Dan went on to become a tour guide at Australia’s Phillip Island Penguin Parade and Koala Conservation Centre. 
For years after he went on to travel some of the World’s most interesting and beautiful Countries and Cultures. From staying in the World’s biggest slum in Mumbai, India, living independently in the Mountains of Nepal, discovering the untraveled roads of East Timor to coaching across Europe. Ranger Dan has done the lot on a shoestring and also the more luxurious type of travelling. 

Spending his younger life in the Car with Mum, as she showed around his overseas family to some of Australia’s most beautiful locations, he was inspired to follow her passion, to give people a personal experience while seeing the most amazing places.


Mind, Body and Spirit Tour
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Organic Vegi Lunch
- Massive Trees
-Wine or a Rainforest walk.
- plus more.

Yarra Ranges Day Trip
- Meet a 300 years old Mountain Ash Gum Tress, The Ada Tree
- Meet the tallest tree spieces in the world, The Californian Redwoods at the Redwood forest in East Warburton
-Meet Boinga Bog and his awe inspiring Buddist temple inspired tree house.
- Wine Tasting
and beautiful rainforest walks.

Sunday Drives
Leisure style drives out to more distant places. 
- Jamieson
- Hanging Rock
- King Lake
- Marysville
- Customize your own trip

Morning Tea and Lunch is always provided and will cater for any required diet.
Ranger Dan picks his guest up from Lilydale Station, a 50 min direct train ride from Flinders ST Station. Ranger Dan is also flexible and happy to help where he can.

Tours and Transport - Wednesday, Thurday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7:30 am - 7:30pm