Motorcycle rides in the Warburton Valley

Warburton to Mt Donna (25 km/20 mins)

 A really fun road that has a good mixture of tight corners and fast sweeping bends as you ascend the mountain. The surface is smooth and bump-free, with excellent bitumen grip. You can expect to encounter a car every 10 minutes.

Light traffic on the road adds to its appeal, and it runs through semi-rainforest terrain for most of its length. There is a public toilet at the summit along with a viewing tower which you can use to enjoy some different vistas of the surrounding landscape – you can even discern the eastern fringes of Melbourne if you look westward.

Directions - 65 kilometres east of Melbourne, Mt. Donna Buang is reached much like the Reefton Spur. Take the Warburton Highway after Lilydale, then take the first left on the outbound outskirts of Warburton as you are facing towards Reefton. If you are approaching from Reefton, take the right-hand turn as you are approaching Warburton. Either way, you must turn left 8 kilometers up this new road – this will put you on Mt. Donna Buang rather than the unpaved Acheron Way.


Reefton Spur (15 km/10 mins)

Reefton Spur is an immensely popular road with riders, and with the exception of possibly The Black Spur, the Yarra Ranges most popular ride. The countless corners make it just simply great fun, while the excellent grip of the road surface lets you handle the corners smoothly, remaining usable even when wet. There are very few other vehicles to interrupt your enjoyment, although you should still be careful on blind corners and a few minibuses full of skiers travel the road in winter. 

The road follows ridge-crests which look out over the Upper Yarra Catchment Basin, and is surrounded by alpine forest, but although there are many great views over the surrounding landscape, you are likely to be too busy to catch more than a glimpse of most. The uphill ride (from Reefton to Cumberland Junction) is more pleasant because of better corner visibility. Other nearby roads (such as that from Warburton East to Reefton) are also great roads in the area.

Directions - Reefton Spur is 80 kilometres east of Melbourne, and is reached by making a right turn onto Warburton Highway immediately after passing Lilydale on the northbound Maroondah Highway. Warburton, Warburton East, McMahons Creek, and Reefton are the towns you will pass through on Warburton Highway. At Reefton, take a left turn over the wooden bridge, which will place you onto the Reefton Spur.


Powelltown to Noojee (25 km/20 mins)

The ride is 25 kilometers long over a surface with good bitumen grip, even during rain, and a smooth road surface with a few occasional bumps. There is a 70% corner ratio, with corner speeds ranging from slow to medium through very fast. Cars are infrequent – around one every 10 minutes.

The first 10 kilometers of this ride climb through rainforest, with a tunnel-like feeling due to the narrowness of the road. The road loops back and forth in medium-tight curves in this area, with occasional tighter corners, and some gravel problems on left-turning curves where vehicles have cut onto the shoulder while making the turn.

The last 15 kilometers are much wider and more open, although the road is still flanked by rainforest. The curves are wide and sweeping, allowing you to make pleasant, fast turns around them. The surface is especially excellent in this section of the road, which, combined with the spacious roadway, encourages some playful maneuvering. The Powelltown to Noojee road is an excellent, enjoyable ride, and also furnishes a springboard for more riding in the West Gippsland region.

As an alternative to going to Noojee, you can turn off 4 kilometers before the T-junction (21 kilometers into the ride) at the right turn at White’s Corner. This is a road with a good surface and scanty traffic, and it emerges at Neerim on the road to Warragul.

Directions - Another Warburton Highway ride – see the Reefton Spur description for details on how to reach this highway, then make a right turn at Yarra Junction rather than going on to Warburton. Proceed to Powelltown, then take the road to Noojee.


Melbourne to Marysville via Warburton (190 km/ 4 hours)

One of Victoria’s most famous and enjoyable, this ride loops through Healesville, the Black Spur, Marysville, Reefton Spur and Warburton.

Directions - Head out of Melbourne down the Eastern Freeway, continuing then on to the Eastlink. Exit  (tolls apply) at the Ringwood Bypass, continue through Lilydale and on towards Healesville. Through Healesville towards Marysville, then on to Reefton and Warburton before returning via the Warburton Highway (M380)  to Lilydale.



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