La La Falls and Walk

La La Falls was named after past landowner Leila Ward, whose guesthouse, 'La La' (meaning Welcome Welcome), was located in the area.  This very enjoyable  walk allows a close up look at the falls, one  of the more beautiful sights in the Yarra State Forest.

Location  and Access

The track to La La Falls is a short drive from the Warburton township. Follow the signs from Park Road (opposite the Sanitarium factory) along Old Warburton Road, to the start of the track on Irruka Road (see map overleaf). Old Warburton Road is accessible from Warburton or Yarra Junction.

The Falls

La La Falls have long been a popular tourist attraction in the Warburton area. Hundreds of locals and visitors alike make the trek to the falls each year to witness the amazing beauty of the old water race. For a particularly impressive view, visit after heavy rainfall when the falls are at their most powerful.

The Walk

The walk to La La Falls is a very enjoyable one through tall Mountain Ash forest and attractive ferny glades, right up to the picturesque falls. Tracing the path of Four Mile Creek for approximately l .6km each way, this walk has been poplar with the tourists since the 1880's. The track has a moderate grade, which can be slightly challenging; allow 1.5 hours for a return trip.


There is a picnic area at the start of the track to La La Falls, and a large car park.  There are however no facilities at the falls themselves.   Nearby, in Warburton, there are extensive shopping and BBQ/picnic facilities, as well as public toilets and an especially helpful  information centre.

Plants and Animals

There are a large number of recognisable plant species to be found alongside the track climbing to the Falls . Some of the most common species include; Snow Daisy Bush, Musk Daisy Bush, Blanket-leaf, Bootlace Bush, Silver Wattle and Hazel Pomaderris. You will also notice the towering Mountain Grey Gum, Mountain Ash and Manna Gum. The beautiful hard and soft tree fems lower in the gullies, along with the Myrtle Beech, provide a lovely example of the rainforest found in this area.

You may also encounter any number  of animals  such as the Crimso.n Rosella,  the Laughing Kookaburra and the Superb "Lyrebird, some of the most treasured birds in the Yarra State Forest.

Looking After the Site

Please keep to the walking track and boardwalks whilst visiting La La Falls, and remember that 2WD and 4WD vehicles, motorbikes,  horses and pushbikes  are not permitted on walking tracks. Pets are permitted in the area but please ensure that they are kept on a leash at all  times.

Take all your rubbish with you - remember, if you take it in, it's your responsibility to take it out.

Further Information

More information about this and other walks and recreation activities in the Yarra State Forest can be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment  offices.

Source: © Natural Resources and Environment