Kurth Kiln

Located 7 km North of Gembrook,  Kurth Kiln was first established in 1942, and at that time was the only continuously operating charcoal kiln in Australia. It had a capacity of 25 tonnes of billets (1.2m lengths 6f wood) which, when topped up every two hours, produced three tonnes of charcoal every twenty four hours.  Charcoal  was used in motor vehicles as a substitute for petrol with so called "Gas Producers". A 6 shilling (60c) bag would last for up to 100 km.

Today Kurth Kiln is a Picnic Ground and camping ground  in a quiet and peaceful bushland setting. Here the wind sings its undulating song in tall Eucalyptus trees, and graceful black cockies sail majestically overhead. 

Picturesque walking tracks lead along the Tomahawk Creek, crossing it on several rustic bridges. At Kurth Kiln you are never far from civilisation yet you feel the beauty of the bush talking to you as if you were the only person in the  world.

Kurth Kiln and its parklands cover approximately 3500 ha.