Cog Bike Shop & Cafe

Located on the Warburton to Lilydale Rail Trail at Warburton are the COG Bike Shop and Café.

Hire a bike or two and head off to explore Warburton and its numerous trails, or ride all the way to Lilydale, stopping to take in the sights along the way.

Their bikes range in size to suit everyone. They are lightweight and extremely safe to ride. Ebikes are also available for hire.

Or if you find your bike has a flat tyre, Joel will fix you up in no time as he also repairs bike on site.

If you don’t think you can ride the entire trail, you can now plan to drop off your bikes at other locations along the way, as COG have teamed up with Gracious Grace Café, The Trail Café, The Carriage Café and the Launching Place General Store to make this possible. Check out their website and download the map!

Whatever you plan to do, begin your fun with a good coffee and some food at their Café in Warburton before you head off!