Boinga Bob's House

Boinga Bob is a local identity of Warburton and a passionate outdoor artist who has, over many years, transformed his private home into a work of three dimensional art that references cultures and influences across the world and time. While not an official tourist attraction, Boinga's home is a hidden treasure nestled in behind the Waterwheel and can be viewed from the Rail Trail walking path or via Highfield Road. If Boinga is about he will often be happy to chat, but please respect his privacy as appropiate.

Boinga Bob says: "In my younger years I was fascinated with the Magic of Life spending much time wandering in the wilderness and pondering nature. Then early one morning at Mt Everest base camp in Nepal I walked outside the hut and became interested in human comfort pondering effects of radiation, temperature, air speed, metabolism and insulation.

I became very conscious of the effect of the environment on human comfort and I was busy observing the change of state between water, snow, vapour and ice and aware that each of these states involved a shift in energy.  I travelled extensively on my personal journey to “Make Known the Unknown” and to try and understand my purpose."

Boinga's art extends in many directions and this is just one temple he has built. He has an international reputation and status for 'Outsider art'.